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Our Work

Creating Daily Opportunities For Older Black Africans in the Community.

Our Services Include

Spiritual well-being

Ensure older people are well balanced by listening and acting upon there concerns.

Advice and Advocacy

Reading correspondence, filling forms and signposting to relevant organisations.

Emotional, physical and mental health support

Provide Therapeutic activities including listening to uplifting music from diverse cultures, simple exercise classes and dance; and memory training. playing games such as puzzles, snakes and ladders, handcraft for eye and hand coordination.

Provide Cultural Food and Nourishment

Provide cultural food and nourishment. Cooking different dishes from diverse cultures as represented /requested by participants, sharing cooking skills, maintaining roots and cultures through food. Encourage bringing and sharing food and presents on special occasions to promote love and unity in our community.

What Our Clients are Saying


Rhona N Musoke

"I send my appreciation to the entire OBADO Team. Thank you very much indeed. Yes, I benefit from the service. I am happy to know that there's people out there thinking to the people in need like me, and I do tell my friends that there's a far more useful Charity organisation called OBADO, people who have are trying to make other people's life better, through giving them food and other things making them feel better and happy. I thank you again, the world needs people like you. God bless you all."

Mrs. Teddy Noblin

"I would like to thank OBADO Charity for looking after us nonstop, during this COVID-19 pandemic period. You really helped us to stay in isolation without worrying, when you supported us with food, sanitizing stuff, and credit on our phones, and not to that only, but calling on us once a week, to comfort us. Thank you so much OBADO, God bless you abundantly. And people there who are feeling lonely in your houses, please contact OBADO, it won't be the same."

Maria Kyomukama

"Thanks to OBADO, you have been my caring when I was in need, you did a great job for me and the friend I introduced you thank you so, we now know where to turn and where we are lonely you visit us and even make it phone call, I am letting people know about OBADO and I will always support OBADO. May God bless OBADO."

Joel Francis

"Obado is a great organisation and as a 90 year old pensioner I have found the service to be invaluable in combating loneliness and isolation. It has provided a place where I can meet new people and take part in social activities like card games, Scrabble and Domino's. I have made friends and I really look forward to the two meetings each week. During the pandemic lock down when we haven't been able to meet OBADO has been very supportive by contacting me weekly by phone and also providing cultural foods to me and to other members of OBADO."