Visit from Support and Action Women's Network (SAWN)

It was excitement at the Day Centre older people receiving, and opening their presents from SAWÑ as seen in the pictures and videos.👇

Like OBADO, SAWN is another organisation in partnership with Mama Health and Poverty Partnership. OBADO had a surprise visit from SAWN and are grateful for the activity packs donated to the older people. Colouring books are among the items – important to older people to generate mindfulness and quietness, which allows rest of their minds.

Older people enjoy and benefit from reading and writing exercises which improve their brain activity, their memory; and their cognitive health allowing them to stay mentally active and productive


Visit from Support and Action Women’s Network (SAWN) on 16/9/21

Older People doing activities from packs donated by Support and Action Women’s Network (SAWN) on 23/9/21

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